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Gembird AUSI01 USB 2.0 NA SATA + IDE 3,5''/2,5'' adapter

Gembird AUSI01 adapteri koji sa jedne strane imaju usb2,0 sa druge strane IDE Serial ATA priključke, Proizvodjač: Gembird Model: AUSI01 Auto Adapter Jedna strana: USB2,0 (podržava i USB1,1) Druga strana: IDE Serial ...

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Gembird AUS03 USB 3.0 to SATA adapter

USB 3,0 to SATA adapter SuperSpeed USB 3,0 data transfer! Suitable for any SATA hard disks SuperSpeed USB 3,0 HDD access � 10 times faster than USB 2,0 Backward compatible with USB 2,0 Supports 3,5� and 2,5'' SATA hard disk drives...

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Gembird GVS124 VGA spliter 4porta adapter

Cost effective SOHO solution �Enables to use 4 monitors with one PC �No software required �Can also be used to attach monitor far away from PC (up to 75 meters) Features * Video Splitter is a VGA/SVGA splitting device which sends ...

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Gembird A-DPM-HDMIF-002-W DisplayPort to HDMI adapter cable, white adapter

Male DisplayPort to female HDMI adapter cable Enables connection of an HDMI display to a DisplayPort video source,...

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Gembird NCA-LC5E-001 LAN INLINE COUPLER adapter

- Gembird NCA-LC5E-001, Cat.5E LAN coupler (za nastavljanje LAN kabla)...

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Gembird HDMI splitter DSP-4PH4-02 1-IN/4-OUT, Fully HDMI 1.4,1920x1080 pixels, 1080p,3D adapter

HDMI splitter DSP-4PH4-02 1-IN/4-OUT, Fully HDMI 1,4, 1920x1080 pixels, 1080p, 3D,...

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Gembird 5.25 Adapter MF-520-B adapter

- MF-520-B plastic mounting frame for 3.5 drive in 5.25 bay black color Plastic mounting frame, 5.25 Black color....

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Gembird 2.5 to 3.5 Adapter MF-321 adapter

Metal mounting frame for 2,5'' HDD to 3,5'' bay,...

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Gembird HDMi - DVI adapter A-HDMI-DVI-2 adapter

* This adapter helps to send digital video signals between HDMI and DVI devices by a cable with male HDMI connector,...

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Gembird interni razdelnik sa 1 na 2 (molex),...

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Gembird UAS111 USB RS232 DB9M/USB A PLUG 6FT adapter

Gembird USB to DB9M serial port converter cable, Ovaj adapter omogućava da se poveže serijski RS232 uredjaj na USB port, Uključuje Windovs (WHQL), Mac i Linuks drajvere Interfejs: USB 1,1 Konektori : USB priklju...

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Gembird HDMI (f) na HDMI Mini (m) adapteri, Proizvodjač: Gembird Model: HDMI (f) na HDMI Mini-C adapter A-HDMI-FC Jedna strana: HDMI (f) Druga strana: HDMI Mini-C ►...

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Gembird BTD-MINI2 Bluetooth dongle klasaI adapter

V,2,1, data transfer speed up to 3 Mbps, RF power 18 dBm (max, EIRP), sensitivity -84 dBm, up to 100m working distance (in the open air), antenna gain in dBi (typical): 2 dBi +-1 dBi, USB 1,1 and USB 2,0 compatible, 22 x 15 x 7 mm...

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Gembird UAPS12 Convertor USB2,0 na PS/2 je adapter koji sa jedne strane kabla ima usb a sa druge strane 2 PS/2 priključka,, Proizvodjač: Gembird, Model: UAPS12 Convertor USB2,0 na PS/2, Jedna strana: USB2,0, Druga strana...

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Gembird CCV-4415 Scart na 3x Cinc na 1x SVHS adapter

Adapter SCART plug to 3 RCA jacks and 1 S-Video jack with switch,...

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Gembird adapter A-DVI-VGA adapter

A-DVI-VGA Adapter DVI-A 24-pin male to VGA 15-pin HD (3 rows) female DVI-A Male to SVGA Female Video Adapters Specifications Reliable fixing by screws Strong plastic case VGA kablovi i adapteri hama,...

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Gembird AC-005 ADP. 3.5MM MALE-6.35MM FEMALE adapter

Gembird adapteri muško-ženski 3,5mm (m) na 6,5mm (f) sa oznakom AC-005GOLD, Proizvodjač: N/A, Model: 3,5mm (m) na 6,5mm (f) AC-005GOLD, Jedna strana: 3,5mm (m), Druga strana: 6,5mm (f),...

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Gembird CCA-415W AUDIO ADAPTER, 2X3.5MM>3.5MM adapter

3,5mm stereo plug to 2X3,5mm stereo socket, 10cm cable,...

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Gembird DVI TO VGA M/F adapter

Gembird adapteri DVI (m) na VGA (f) AB543 Proizvodjač: Gembird Model: DVI (m) na VGA (f) AB543 Jedna strana : DVI (m) Druga strana : VGA (f),...

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Gembird CCAP 2535 2.5 na 3.5mm adapter

Reliable connection * Gold plated connectors * For portable players with 2,5 mm audio output * Lifetime warranty Features * 2,5mm plug to 3,5mm female socket audio stereo cable * Allows to use 3,5 mm plug earphones with portable d...

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